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manicure pedicure

Manicures and Pedicures

Care For Your Hands & Feet

All manicures and pedicures include exfoliation, soaking and massage. The nails are shaped & cuticles pushed back and trimmed. The pedicure includes foot spa with our secret skin softening ingredient and buffing of the hardened skin is included in our intensive treatments .

  • Essential Spa Manicure – allow 60 mins – $60

  • Essential Spa Pedicure – allow 60 mins – $70

  • Perfect Pedicure – allow 90 mins – $90

  • And $30 for every extra half-hour

Please note that some feet require more work than others to bring them up to the standard we like to see leave the salon. We are happy to spend the time if it is required, so it is a good idea to have a brief chat before you come in so we know how long to book for your appointment.

Please bring thongs if you are having polish, or consider our instantly smudge-proof, walk out the door “Shellac” as an enhancer.

Mani & Pedi Enhancers

There are just a few little extras that you might like to add to your mani or pedi service. Shellac is the ideal way to be able to leave the salon smudge-free.  It is a more durable, longer lasting polish and you can plunge your hands into your handbag for your keys or put your shoes on straight away…no waiting.

Please note: we do not offer Shellac as a stand-alone service – to maximise its result and durability it is only available as an enhancer to the manicure or pedicure service. 

  •  French Polish – add $20


It’s instantly hard dry and shiny. 

  • Shellac Polish Hands – add $20

  • Shellac Polish Feet – add $25

Shellac Removal

  • Hands $20

  • Feet $25

Please note “Shellac” is a product name manufactured by the company CND. Not all light cured polishes are “Shellac”.  Not all light cured polishes require the same removal product and or technique. Please check with your previous salon exactly what you have on your nails so we can allow the correct time slot for its removal. If you are attending the salon for a mani or pedi and have a light cured polish on your nails, you must let us know as removal requires additional appointment time.

Removal of Dip or other nail products POA.

Emergency foot care callus removal

Allow an extra 30 minutes – Add $10

This amazing lotion literally dissolves hard skin, allowing it to easily buffed away leaving your heels like new babies feet!

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