I believe for glowing skin and vibrant health the body needs to be in balance. My approach to Beauty Therapy has always taken into account the diet and emotions, and how they impact on our skin and feelings of well-being.

With 30 years experience as a Beauty Therapist and personal success with healing a chronic eczema condition, I am well equipped to support and advise correct treatment for your skin, and develop a simple and effective means of home care for you. 


Active Clays

Clays from the earth have been used for centuries as healing poultices to draw toxins and to relive and soothe localised skin conditions. Clays are rich in minerals, and are used in treatments to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, condition and soothe.  They are incorporated into most of my facial and body treatments, using superior brands such as Y natural and Heritage Healers Ayuvedic to give maximum results.


Spa ResortRefresh

The” Refresh” facial is designed for those who are time-poor or looking for a quick pick-me-up to compliment their existing treatment plan.



Refresh Petit

Allow 30min   $45

Boost your skin and pep up your energy with an aromatic compress followed by cleansing, gentle exfoliation, vapour and finish with your selected hydration cream.


Elemental Petit

Allow 45min   $65

As above, but also includes the ayurvedic questionnaire to determine your current “persona” and the addition of your personal bush flower remedy and elemental blended oil to balance the mind body and emotions.



Spa ResortRenew

The “Renew” facial is an extension of the “Refresh” treatment and includes massage of the face, neck, shoulders and décolletage, followed by a clay mask for a longer and more therapeutic treatment to target your skins’ specific needs, and to give you a more deeply relaxing experience.



Y natural Skin Therapy

Allow 60 mins $90

Following on from where leave off in the Refresh Petit facial is a massage with certified organic jojoba oil, known for its curative and anti aging properties.  A clay mask for your skin type is applied and finished off with appropriate serums and anti aging oils and moisturiser – all from South Australia’s own Australian certified organic skin care ‘Y natural’. The result is a dewy hydrated and glowing skin.


Elemental Skin Therapy

Allow 75 mins $100

Discover your persona of Water, Earth, Air or Fire with the unique Heritage Healers ayurvedic questionnaire.  Then combine the benefits of the above Y natural Skin Therapy facial with your personal bush flower remedy and crystal infused aromatherapy massage oils and you will truly know what it means to float out the door!


Spa ResortRevive

Take the time out to have a truly restorative treatment.



Soul & Skin Spa Ritual

Allow 90 mins $140

This specialised facial treatment includes everything in the previous facial treatments to rejuvenate your skin and melt away your stress.  Wildflower essences, the finest aromatherapy oils & purest organic skin care are applied with a deeply healing touch. The body’s energies are balanced using your personal wildflower remedy & the ancient healing art of Chakra Balancing.  You will leave looking and feeling years younger.


Tri Dosha Healing Clay Facial

Allow 90 min $140

Working with mineral rich healing clays to match the Ayurvedic doshas, your skin is balanced and energised.  This highly specialised treatment utilises  your personal bush flower remedy and  dissolves away stress and tension.

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