About Mandy

Seaside Beauty was born out of a desire for a sea change to the pristine coastal region of Kangaroo Island combined with 30 years of experience in the Beauty Industry as an Aromatherapist, Beauty Therapist & Masseuse.

Moving to Kangaroo Island in 2006 was a life-changing event for me and continues to provide me with the wonders of living in an island paradise.  I was unsure when I first planned to come here whether I would continue to work in my chosen vocation, but easily fell back into doing what I love – caring for people.


My beauty training commenced in 1983, where I graduated with a CIDESCO DIPLOMA  from the School of Natural Aesthetics in Adelaide. The focus of my beauty training was holistic, and from this I developed a passion for natural therapies and gleaned the understanding that a symphony of therapies is required to heal and balance the body, and nutrition is an integral part of that healing, process. I have never been a believer that products alone are the answer for skin problems, and that they only play a small part in the regeneration and protection of a damaged or unhealthy skin.

Having said that, it is paramount that what we do use on our skin is made of the purest ingredients which do not stress or further damage fragile or sensitive skin. I have never been an advocate of petrochemical-based skin care, and have found many solutions in the realm of Aromatherapy.

Part of my passion for working with skin problems stemmed from my own personal battle with eczema from the age of 16. My condition progressively worsened despite all manner of treatments under a skin specialist, and finally hospitalisation which included sedation to stop me from scratching.  Neither my emotional wellbeing or my diet were ever questioned throughout this journey, and I decided to seek the counsel of a Naturopath. Whilst this did give me some improvement, it wasn’t until I started to include the modality of visualisation provided by a Dr Ronald Clayfield (best known for his work with terminally ill cancer patients using guided imagery for pain management) did I finally see some miraculous results.

Many years later after a particularly stressful period in my life I had another episode of eczema, and it was during this time that I was introduced to juicing for detoxification and treatment of inflammatory conditions. I found that when pulling together these vastly different therapies for a holistic approach, amazing and rapid healing results occur. My skin has always been my barometer for health, and I firmly believe that is true for others – the skin is after all known in eastern medicine as our second liver.

During these times in my life my skin was painful to touch and I was only able to use very gentle products, which led me to experiment largely on myself to find products and treatments that my clients could benefit from to assist them in their journey to healing.

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Not long after I completed my Beauty Therapy Diploma I also gained a Diploma in Aromatherpy and a post graduate certificate in Electrolysis (BABTAc). I am an active member of the Advanced Association of  Beauty Therapists  ( AABTH)  and the International Association of Aromatherapist.  I have been a guest speaker for many years in Adelaide on aromatherapy and also a lecturer for In Essence Aromatherapy running in store education workshops for customers.

My passion for sharing knowledge to benefit the lives of others is something I continue to do – both as a beauty therapist and as a volunteer ambulance officer in my community.  Living in a small seaside village with a local ambulance station requiring volunteers has seen me complete my certificate 1v in basic emergency care and also become the trainer for our station. Community life on Kangaroo Island has enriched my soul in many ways and I feel blessed to be a part of the wonderful community here.

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